Going Blonde For Summer

October 18 , 2017 | Blog | 3 Comments

Things are heating up and with a new season comes a new colour. Often clients look to lighten up their dos for the warmer months. We’ve put together a couple tips when becoming that blonde bombshell you were born to be!

Talk to a Professional.

A two min chat before lathering on that bleach just isn’t going to cut it. We specialise in colour, not cuts. That’s why we allow clients to book in for a free 15 minute consultation without even committing to the colour. Come and pick our brains about your next colour adventure prior to making the commitment that comes with it’s upkeep.

It's a Process.

Like fine wine, all good things take time. Going blonde is a process and can take more than one visit to reach your ultimate goal. It may also involve a little homework. Make a plan with your colourist and stick with it including colour save shampoo, leave in and strengthening treatments. We would also recommend Wella’s Eimi ocean spray or Angel Professionals’ yummy grapefruit soften spray.


Going lighter can put your hair under a little stress. Before going blonder you want your hair to be the best hair it can be. Make sure you are using good quality products, shampoos and conditioners. We would highly recommend trying the organic Angel Professional range.

Add Olaplex to Your Colour.

This stuff is the EVERYTHING! The two-step salon process doesn’t only protect against damage but it also repairs broken bonds. It is best followed by a take home treatment which you can pick up from any of our salons, New Zealand wide.

Summer is not for Grey.

I’m sure you’ve seen those beautiful silver locks all over vogue but this colour is just not for our harsh UV rays. In the sun this colour doesn’t stand a chance. Focus on buttery, creamy blondes that last. Honey blonde is another colour made for summer.

Tone Is Everything.

Let’s be realistic, you are not Kim Kardashian. A mistake made by many is going too drastic with a colour change. There is a reason you were born with the tone you were. Flaunt what your mumma gave you and stay within a couple shades of your natural tone.

Baby Lights.

Brighten up your balayage by adding fine baby lights. We can scatter them through the top of your colour so it looks super natural and a lot lighter.


Thinking of going lighter? Book in for a free consultation and have a chat to our fabulous colourists.

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