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Pure Colour

Mt Eden Services

All service prices below are standard prices. They may change for clients
with hair of different length or thickness. Pricing will be discussed during
your consultation prior to service commencing.


  • Permanent Root Retouch

    One colour applied to roots.
  • Hairline Retouch

    One colour, applied to the hairline only.
  • Permanent Retouch & Scattered Foils

    10-12 foils scattered through the hair with a colour in between.
  • Scattered Foils

    10-12 foils scattered through hair.
  • T-Section Foils

    Foils scattered throughout the top of hair, and a few on each side.
  • Half Head Foils

    Half the head is foiled, leaving the bottom half of your hair natural.
  • Full Head Foils

    All the hair is foiled, leaving natural hair in between.
  • Back to Back Full Head Highlights

    All the hair is foiled, with very little natural hair left in between, foils are packed in close together.
  • Bleach & Tone

    Bleach retouch application used to lighten hair to an all over blonde, toner is included in this price.
  • Light to Dark

    from $165
    Filler & colour. For those wanting to darken pre-lightened hair.
  • Tonal Lift

    from $165
    Lightening all the hair to take it 1-2 shades lighter.
  • Creative Colour

    from $165
    This service is used for current trends, balayage, ombre, panel work.
  • Colour Correction

    Includes stripping out existing colour, applying new colour and a treatment, prices may vary and a prior consultation is a must. Price will be provided at time of consultation.


  • Women’s Cut & Blow Wave

  • Men’s Cut

  • Children’s Cut (Under 13)

  • Hair Up (On Clean, Dry Hair)

  • Bridal Hair

  • Student Discounts

    Please Enquire

Hair Styling

  • Blow Wave – Long Hair

    (Add on to Colour Service)
  • Blow Wave – Short Hair

    (Add on to Colour Service)
  • Blow Wave – Long Hair – Shampoo, Condition, Head Massage

    (Stand Alone)
  • Blow Wave – Medium Hair – Shampoo, Condition, Head Massage

    (Stand Alone)
  • Blow Wave – Short Hair – Shampoo, Condition, Head Massage

    (Stand Alone)
  • Curls or Straighten

    (Add on to Blow Wave Service)

    (Without Colour Service, On Clean, Dry Hair)

Hair Treatments

  • Express Treatment

    2-3 Minutes (colour save) Intensive colour lock in treatment (2 options) Emulsion for fine hair/Mask for thick coarse hair.
  • Deluxe Treatment

    5-6 Minutes (colour save, hydrate, smoothen, shine, repair & Volume) Intensive colour lock emulsion mixed with a booster infusion tailored to your specific needs.
  • Luminous Oil Elixir

    5-6 Mins For extra gloss and frizz control. Elixir is applied to hair and layered over with the Luxe oil mask.
  • 89% Organic Scalp Treatments

    89% Organic Scalp Treatments from the Angel Range (6 options) *10 minutes. 1.Oily Scalp-To balance oil secretions | 2.Dandruff-Anti Inflammatory & Bacteriostatic | 3.Sensitive Scalp-Relax & Nourish | 4.Dry Scalp- Nourish & Moisturise Hair | 5.Thinning/Falling-Activate Follicle & Promote Growth | 6.Damaged Hair- To repair and relax scalp

    (Add on to Colour Service)

    (Stand Alone)
  • Wellaplex

    (Add on to Colour Service)
  • Wellaplex

    (Stand Alone)


Pay over 10 weeks | No interest | No fees | Genoapay now available.